sabbatical stats

OK, I’m 19 days into a 3-month sabbatical and by now I should have accomplished a number of things…

  1.  Lose weight.  (I haven’t — hey, if you saw what they’re baking at a Benedictine monastery you wouldn’t either.)
  2. Read all the books I’ve been meaning to read.  (I’ve completed five.  I’m in the midst of four.  I’ve stalled out on one.  And I just ordered one more from Barnes & Noble – thank you, Natalie Keck.)
  3. Stop checking my e-mail.   (It is absolutely a disease.  I cannot say anything more about it – except, there needs to be a 12 Step Recovery group for it.)
  4. Achieve peace of mind.  (Yeah, right.)
  5. Worship the Lord with gladness.  (Well, I’m doing pretty good with this one.  In the last 7 days, I have attended formal worship 21 times.  For those of you keeping track, you will realize that I have missed worship 3 times: once because I was overtaken by a 24-hour virus and felt terribly ill; once because I had gotten my days and nights mixed up again – I was sleeping during the day because I had been reading during the night; and once because… um…I was checking my e-mail and I forgot.  Oy.
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